The mission and philosophy is to empower and elevate all businesses with innovative digital communication. 

CRM Campaigns

CRM is customer relationship management. CRM lets you store and manage prospect and customer information, like contact info, accounts, leads, and sales opportunities, in one location.

Manage Your Business Easily!

Social Media campaigns

Build meaningful relationships across all social media platforms. Collaboratively plan campaigns from one unified view — connecting your marketing, service, and sales teams directly to your customers in real time.

Connect All Over the World!

Business Connections

Text your business information, portfolio, marketing footprint, credentials and office directions in an instant. It’s as easy as one, two, three!

Move Your Business Forward!

make money

Share your App for your business and make more money because you’re sharing your business!  Sharing your App will spread the word and show the credibility of your business!

Ask Us How to Make Money!

EZcard App

The NEW AMAZING WORLD of EZ Digital Card Apps, where you can create and manage your own apps on your mobile phone!


AKBRAND APPS are unique, and they are powerful!

I was sitting with a friend recently who had just paid $3,000 for a “phone app” which had her contact information and a single 90-second professional video. She was so proud, and justifiably so! The designer had done a good job, but it was simple, and static. It only had the contact information and the video, and nothing can be changed until she paid him more money.


Welcome to the NEW AMAZING WORLD of AKBRAND APPS, where you can create and manage your own cards! For a tenth of the price that my friend paid. Create your own content, upload photos and images, hot link to websites, add videos, and then do it all again tomorrow, and PAY NO MORE! YOU are in control. Just use our easily-managed software to bring your business into the 21st century and update it any time you want!

AKBRAND app benefits 

Text AKBRANDING to 64600, and we will send our App to your phone as a link. Just click the link, get info or even Get Your very own AKBRANDING app!

  • Share Easily
  • Text Campaigns
  • Social Media Footprint
  • Portfolio Viewing
  • Short Code and Keywords
AKBRAND app capabilities
  • CRM Management Tools
  • Video Viewing
  • Text Blast Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Text Share to Other Phones

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